James dean natalie wood dating

Natalie's body was found a mile away from the yacht November 29, 1981 with the dinghy drifting nearby.She had a BAC of 0.14%, with two types of medication in her bloodstream, and her body was covered in bruises that are suspected to have been given to her before she was even in the water.According to Davern, when docked that night, Wagner confronted Walken about having a relationship with Natalie, causing Walken to run to his stateroom cabin and shut himself in there all night.Davern heard Natalie and Robert begin to argue, and wanting to give them privacy, he turned up the music in the bridge.

With her doe-like brown eyes, her slight, petite frame, and her ability to showcase real, intense emotions, Natalie was breathtakingly captivating to watch on screen.Natalie Wood is still doing what she was doing as a child — still telegraphing us that she’s being cute and funny — and she’s wrong.When she tries hard, she just becomes an agitated iron butterfly.She goes mad upon hearing about his relationship with a more "loose" woman, and is carried off to a psych institution.This film earned her a Best Actress Oscar Nomination. Wood divorced Wagner and began to date many famous men in Hollywood (including the handsome Warren Beatty), giving the tabloids quite a field day.

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