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If you’re looking to take part in a truly unique experience while in the Atacama area, I recommend taking part in the Atacama Desert Stargazing tour. He offers a variety of tours that are educational and fun – and he does a great job of keeping you entertained the whole time!

Jorge takes you on a journey as you learn about the history of astronomy.

You’ll even get to observe the stars, constellations, and planets for yourself! Jorge grew up in the area and first developed an interest in astronomy while spending summer evenings with his Grandma and siblings in Toconao, which is a village outside of San Pedro de Atacama. As an adult, he began to self-study astronomy while he spent his days working as a general tour guide.

Here you’ll be introduced to his various telescopes as you learn all about the night sky and the history behind it.

He shares fun trivia that will really make you think!

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